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Born in Johnstown, Colorado on February 2, 1930, fine artist Giles Parish first started painting figures and still life at the age of 15. Parish describes his work as modern art influenced by Matisse and Chagall. "I paint, almost exclusively, ladies.  I have no idea why."  He loves hands and necks and says furniture has a life of its own.  "I discovered long ago it dances, it moves, it has personality." Pointing to an over-sized drooping hand on one of his figures he says, " I love exaggeration".  "I don't paint a subject, I paint about a subject. That is the reason couches can dance and tables can stand on one leg. I don't paint a vase of flowers but rather about a vase of flowers--the way a poem is about a vase but is not a vase."

1930 - 2019



To view more available works, visit https://gilesart.smugmug.com 

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